About us

PonteBella is a brand created in 2003 for a group of Colombian Physicians,  and was born after a deep analysis of the consumption style, body shapes and the beauty need from woman around USA.

Our group works in Bogota Colombia in 2 separated units composed mainly with head of household women that had been affected by the Colombian internal conflict.

Our Latex products are cooked, and not dry with salts that can create a lot of skin sensibility, then our products are hipo allergenic.

Our fabric have a high gradient of compression but with high content of elastane that make them very confortable, and are your election products for after surgery.

our group of physicians have been reviewing products for the past 20 years till reach the best products that you can find on the market.

We also add some accessory products that can help to improve surgical wounds, reduce inflammation, decrease cellulitis and lose weight.