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Post-surgical vest for men


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Mens Post-surgical power vest Ideal for abdominal surgeries Tummy Tuck and Liposuctions, comes with 3 lines of hooks for better adjustment which makes it a perfect posture corrector. Also with smart fabric help to adjust your body figure and improve scar healings. 


Excellent to correct posture and as an election product for after surgeries on the abdominal area or to control Hernias.

How to use

Lay on bed and start from the top hook and descend to complete the hooks, stand up and pull it down softly. Do not twist, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry. Hand wash and dry on a shadow area.


75% Nylon, 25% Spandex


Do not wear with open wounds.

  • Mens Post abdominal surgeries fabric Vest, Stage I-II

  • Lose weight and skink Tonification

  • Posture Corrector

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